You Are a Busy Professional

You manage high-stakes deal-making & disputes and it's IMPERATIVE YOU manage things smoothly; you can't afford to get it wrong ...

You know that negotiations & conflict can be just as driven by emotion as logic, but you haven’t yet mastered how to reach that emotional sweet spot 

You want more leverage to secure the deals you ACTUALLY want & to be able to pass up the deals you don't really want 

You see the possibilities that come with being a better negotiator and master of conflicts …

BUT ...

You don't have time to learn 100+ different theories on the psychology of negotiation & conflict ... you just want ONE complete end-to-end system that will explain EVERYTHING & return real results 

You want the NO-FUSS FOOLPROOF tools to hit ctrl+alt+delete in disputes 

You ABSOLUTELY refuse to use dirty tricks, manipulation or slimy sales tactics to get your way 

You’re beyond chasing degrees for prestige – you want the training that actually works & gets results 

You Have Tried It All

You've tried all the basic tactics out there like good/bad cop ...

You've tried reasoning with unreasonable people ...

You've tried popular books ... the “Critical Conversations” ... “Getting to Yes” ...

You've had enough experience with complaint procedures, disciplinary action, litigation etc ...

You've hired a team of lawyers ... that said you needed legal advice for $20,000 before you could do anything ... before you know it you're heading to trial and fighting a losing battle ...

You've tried re-shuffling your organisation, new policies and re-drafting contracts to avoid another disaster ...

You've tried negotiation/conflict courses through work that sounded good when you were there but flew out the window the moment you had to get back to work ...

You've tried academic courses ... and ended up MORE confused, with MORE questions ...

And You Still Fail

You fail miserably, publicly, shamefully ...

You fail at all of these things …

Not in a cute comic way but in a sad, miserable, heap of snot and tears way ...

And You Sit There

Wondering: how the "naturals" do it without even trying ...

Doubting: if you will ever be as good as the “naturals” ...

Wishing: you'd studied veterinary science instead ...

Puzzling: on what else you can do to not suck in deal-making & disputes ...

Grappling: with the possibility that it might never happen ... you may just have to tread water forever ...

While Others

Get the deals they want ...

Don't have to settle for what they can get ...

Can put out fires instantly ...

Move onto other things ...

Stress less & have more fun ...

STOP this Madness NOW

You Don’t Need to Do This Anymore

The never-ending soap dramas of dealing with unreasonable people ...
The need to consult anyone else to figure out what's going on & get what you want – DIY all yourself ...
The shifting goalposts and mind games that people use to win in negotiations & disputes ...
The need to become a quack or the next Freud before you figure out what the fork is really going on in negotiations & conflict ...
It literally & truly takes you from Nervous Nellie to the Godfather of conflict & negotiations in 30 days


Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Jamie. I'm the Founder & Chief of Dispute Intelligence².

And I am just as crazy, overwhelmed & done with losing out in negotiations & conflict as you are.

  • I am an Ex-Lawyer (read: can argue under water & wants it done yesterday)
  • I am a Princess (read: fussy, inherently lazy AF & always looking to offload the heavy lifting)
  • I am an Idealist (read: wants everyone to play fair & work together in perfect harmony … part of me dies inside when they don’t)

I'm also the leading authority on special intelligence in negotiation & conflict resolution practice on the planet.

Yes, you read that right - the planet. Why?

  • Because I've spent OVER 100,000 (basically since I was 8 years old) acquiring over 1,000GB of knowledge way beyond the popular, watered-down negotiation tactics you'll find on google (I've studied everything from psychology, persuasion, linguistics, litigation, military history, theatre studies and more) to invent my own brand of greater intelligence tools, then rigorously tested them all in commercial deal-making & disputes.
  • I’ve received dozens of prestigious tertiary, state & international awards in mediation, negotiation, trial advocacy & diplomacy.
  • I’ve managed over 2,500+ of some of the juiciest deals/disputes in the world in commercial litigation, business & mediation (from $1 to $7bn, from pedestrian gripes to monster litigation), appearing at the United Nations, with equal measures of experience managing complex relationships that work well for SME businesses, in high-end corporate consulting, politics and diplomacy. 
  • I'm frequently asked to appear as a guest speaker at universities and government departments.

And for the next little while, I will be opening the deadlocked doors to my very own Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory of negotiations & disputes, to impart my signature brand of special intelligence to the chosen few (the 0.01%) that make the final cut in 2020.

I Know What You Are Thinking

It won’t work for me because I shy away from confrontation ...
Or I don’t have a law degree ...
Or I’m just never going to get it like a natural would ...
Or how is this different from doing another course that promises me I can get win-win solutions?

Let me Show You Why This is Unlike Anything You Have Seen Before

Our Brand Promise

SPECIAL INTELLIGENCE backed by 1,000GB+ in human dynamics (psychology, persuasions, history, linguistics, litigation and more), tested extensively in practice, and our money-back guarantee you won't find this brand of synthesised intelligence anywhere else. If a psychologist + a lawyer + a philosopher + a CEO + a political strategist + a behavioural economist were to design tools together then it might come close to our intelligence.
READY-MADE PRACTICAL TOOLKIT - instantly gain our off-the-shelf, automatic tools to use in practice RIGHT AWAY. This is not an obscure IKEA kit of tools with finite instructions to assemble these, these are Done For You Tools that are INSTANTLY good to go.  
STREET-SMART, NO-BS APPROACH - we cut out the fluffy academic non-sense, cut through the noise and give it to you straight. 
EDUTAINMENT FACTOR - we act clean but we're plotting wicked gags to zap the lame, snooze-factor of your expectation that we're running "another boring training seminar". Nose-snorting laughter is guaranteed. 
CLOSED PROGRAM for the cream of the crop, the best candidates only worldwide. (Fewer than 1 in 10 shortlisted applicants will make the cut. We take less than 0.01% of candidates per city.) 
GOLD-CLASS STANDARDS set the benchmark for the program and our candidates. Our motto is nil satis nisi optimum (nothing but the best is good enough). 

This is What’s Included in Our Life-Changing Program

Program Outline


Advanced Strategies not covered in the Harvard Negotiation Program (5x the price!) that comes with our money-back guarantee these are 100% genuinely exclusive, never-before-seen-like this.

Done for You Strategies: We give you a taste-test of our gameplan generator, with genius strategies and precise steps to follow for wild success. It goes A, B, C. Do this, then this, then this. This alone will change the game for you.

Apex Cheat-Sheets & Scripts: Word-for-word scripts to apply the tools in practice ... training wheels as you build confidence. :

Litigation-Proof Devices: litigation-proof yourself with proofs from an ex-litigator. ​

30+ Real-Life Case Studies of negotiations that have turned on a few techniques and secured HUGE wins. These are secrets from behind closed doors that will be revealed to you. ​

Real-World Lessons from litigation, politics, military history and much more. ​

Gold-Class Standards: Devices from the classical training that made master orators and statesmen (the Ciceros and Pericles of antiquity); most universities/educators today completely miss these but these standards are woven into the fabric of DQ². ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​

Applicants Have Included

Who manage mergers & acquisitions and joint-venture negotiations

Who want a sharper edge with a greater intelligence on the underlying dynamics that drive their organisations and human resources

(7+ years) who handle procurement, sales and/or
human resources

Who are in liaison roles like national account managers and key account managers

Who want to enhance their role as a vital intermediary in their organisation​


Who want a crystal clear breakdown of the end-to-end cycle of the dynamics in deal-making & disputes, from the moment of transactions are conceived to the moment someone gets sued

Who manage ongoing relationships with competing priorities and tensions, who still need to be able to work within government constraints


Who conduct negotiations that requires advanced soft skills that go way beyond what they were technically trained to do

Who are thinking beyond rote legal arguments, wanting to dig deeper into party psychology, ahead of a fast-changing legal landscape

Who want to fortify their place in the status quo as trusted advisor in the management of disputes

Graduate Outcomes


Learn to powerfully position and re-position what you ALREADY have so that you can get more for what you already have WITHOUT putting more money on the table or selling your soul to the devil

One technique alone will save you thousands in your next negotiation - easily; keep at it and the numbers will only go up


You'll have vastly fewer disputes, and when you do, you'll be able to recover rapidly without getting caught up in pointless battles

Improve your organisation's risk management, detect "problem cases" early and utilise anti-litigation shields

If you WANT to fight certain disputes, you'll wield greater leverage & control, ensuring greater changes of success in your dispute


Enjoy meaningful working relationships based on mutual respect & appreciation

Anticipate and meet others' hidden needs, emotions and desires

Identify & patch-up any gaps, misunderstandings, incompatibilities and/or tensions

Learn to synchronise with others to leverage greater collective intelligence


A superior command over negotiations and disputes, no matter the parties or the situation

Change the dynamics, drop drag coefficients and hit desired ends

Be the creator & moderator of the game, not the desperate little pawn with limited options & power


Rapidly upgrade your mental hard-drive & software

Use Dispute Intelligence² to think flexibly rather than to blindly follow precedents

You'll run circles around "experts" - they may have technical knowledge but you'll have knowledge of knowledge ... checkmate

Maximum clarity of mind

Call out/cut down 99% of white noise, rabbit-holes and dead-ends caused by misdirection and confusion

See the simple solutions, without getting led astray on wild-goose chases